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Last Updated: May 18 2014

Welcome to the Mark Storey Home Page. This page is mainly about my interests which are puzzles and games and programming.

Here you will find a selection of Java and Javascript/HTML5 games to play online and plenty of games for Pocket PC to download. There is a growing numbering of Android offerings.

Links in bold are my own inventions, the others are versions of existing puzzles.

I have also made some and sold some puzzles. Have a look.

Recent additions

May 2014
Ghost Cube (Java) and (Android Page)

Apr 2014
Tricky Disk - (Java) and (Android Page)

Apr 2014
Six wheels - improved graphics (Java) and (Android Page)

Apr 2014
4 by 4 abstract tessellation sliding tile puzzle (Android Page)

Feb 2014
BackSpin - Updated graphics (Java) and (Android Page)

Feb 2014
4 by 4 sliding tile puzzle (Java)

Feb 2014
AI bandaged 4x4x4 (Java) and (Android Page)

Jan 2014
Camouflage 3x3x4 (Java) and (Android Page)

Oct 2013 Axis/Axel Cube (Java) and (Android Page)

Oct 2013
Improved scramble for Camouflage 3x3x3 (Java) and (Android Page)

Sep 2013
Rubenking 4x4x4 (Java) and (Android Page)

Sep 2013
Master Skewb (Java) and (Android Page)

Aug 2013
Camouflage 3x3x3 (see Rubik's Various on Android Page)

Jul 2013
Camouflage 3x3x3 (Java)

Jul 2013
Missing Link (Java) and (Android Page)

Jul 2013
Android Kilominx (see Megaminx on Android Page)

Jul 2013
Nintendo Barrel graphics improvement (Java)

Jul 2013
1x4x4 (Java)

Jun 2013
Kilominx (Java)

Jun 2013 Skewb Ultimate - Dodecahedon (Java)

Apr 2013 Rubik's Clock (Java)

Oct 2012 Puck (Java) and (Android Page)

Sep 2012 Masterball (Java) and  (Android Page)

Aug 2012 Rainbow (Java) and  (Android Page)

Aug 2012 Rack'Em up & Row by Row (Java) and  (Android Page)

Mar 2012 Square-1 (Android Page)

Feb 2012 Rubenking sticker variation (Java) and  (Android Page)

Feb 2012 3x3x5 and 3x3x7 shape changing cuboids (337 and 335 Cuboids)

Jan 2012 Pyraminx Crystal (Android Page)

Aug 2011 Helicopter Cube (Android Page)

Aug 2011 Skewb, Dino Cube and variants (Android Page)

Mar 2011 CodeWord Puzzles (Android Page)

Some Earlier additions:

Rubik's Domino, Impossiball, Megaminx, Rubik's Revenge, Rubik's Professor, Hungarians Rings, Nintendo Barrel, Bandaged Cubes, Skewbs (Various including Dino Cube), Battenberg, Octagonal Barrel, 2x2x3, 4x4x5, FTO, Bump Cube, Pyraminx Crystal, Helicopter Cube, Cuboids, Overlapping Cube, Crazy Cube II, Rubik's UFO, Backspin, Kurodoku

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